Ralf Nonnweiler Smooth Set 5oz

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Ralf Nonnweiler  Smooth Set 5

1x Gloom Black 1oz

1x Smooth Blending 5oz

1x Smooth Finish 5oz

Ralf Nonnweiler  Smooth Set arise from the collaboration with the realistic tattoo master Ralf Nonnweiler.

Panthera Smooth Blending is special formulation contains less pigment than the Panthera Light Sumy and is used in very light shades. It can be used in portraits in areas such as the forehead or the lighter parts of the nose and to create protuberances or wrinkles in very light areas without being too dark or dirty. It is also used to give the skin’s porous appearance.

Panthera Smooth Finish, Step two “Finish” contains even less pigment and is used for the final stage of your piece. Using “Finish” enables you to completely saturate even the lightest areas of the tattoo you may have previously left untouched. And when the tattoo heals, the area you saturated with “Finish” will remain in the skin.

All our inks are sterilized with gamma rays and are certified according to EU regulations.

Panthera Ralf Nonnweiler Smooth Set is available in 150ml size.

Produced in Italy.